About Cornish Elementary School

Building a learning community through respect, responsibility and kindness.

Our mission is to develop a community of creative and socially responsible citizens who value respect and honesty, through an intellectually stimulating and safe environment.

“On March 9, 1953, at the annual school meeting, lengthy and heated, the District voted, 203 to 62, to build, according to the committee’s design, an eight-room school at a cost of $120,000.  It was to be erected on the hill east of the Town Hall and constructed of cinder block covered with stained pine siding.  Besides the eight classrooms, the plans included a kitchen, activities-dining room, teachers’ room and principal’s office.”  

- History of Cornish New Hampshire VOL III, Barbara Rawson

Over time, several  additions were added to the school including,

  • 1971 - Maintenance Room/Library (currently used as the Learning Center) and 3 classrooms

  • 1989 -2 classrooms, library and gymnasium (built with donations, no tax money)

  • 1998 - Kindergarten room (built with NH Building aid matched by tax dollars)

Today, Cornish Elementary School serves a population of about 85 students in PreK through 8th Grade. 

For more information, please refer to the History of Cornish New Hampshire, Vol. III by Barbara Rawson, or the Cornish Historical Society.

Jennifer Prileson: Principal

Jennifer Prileson joined the Cornish community as its new Principal in the fall of 2015.  She obtained her BA in Biology from The College of Wooster and her MS from Boston College, then taught Chemistry and Biology for many years in Tucson Arizona before becoming an administrator. Her favorite thing about teaching is getting students to ask great questions and to do real world science projects and experiments. 'Ms. P.' learned a lot about life in other countries, growing up and attending schools in places like Jamaica, Malaysia and Singapore.  She loves traveling, working out to music, riding horseback, reading and hiking in the White Mountains.  And if the weather is just right, you might see her on her motorcycle, which she rides on weekends -- and sometimes to school! 

Dale Lawrence: School Secretary

Eagle Lake and West Branch Railroad "Ghost Trains" - Allagash Waterway, Maine

Eagle Lake and West Branch Railroad "Ghost Trains" - Allagash Waterway, Maine

Dale has worked here at CES going on 30 years. She grew up in Cornish and raised her three children; Shane, Ashley and Kelsey in Cornish also.  Dale’s husband Larry, owns his own business here in town where they both reside. They enjoy road trips and have been fortunate enough to travel across the US, including Alaska. She cherishes her time with her family and loves the title “Grandma”.  

Dale is currently a member of the Cornish Rescue Squad as an EMT.  She served 20 years as a volunteer with the Cornish Fire Department and made several trips with the NH Wildland Fire Crew (NH Forest and Lands) fighting forest fires in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and a few East Coast states.

“Cornish is a community filled with special people from all walks of life.  From the covered bridges, built by James F. Tasker, to the barns that have been preserved, I am thankful to be a part of this community and to have shared that with my children and now be able to share with my grandchildren,” she says.