Grade 2

Ms. Murphy

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About Ms. Murphy

Hello!! My name is Jessica Murphy and I am happy to be joining the Cornish Elementary School Team this year! I am so excited to be teaching 2nd grade! It is going to be filled with lots of laughs, fun, and learning!!

I was born and raised in Connecticut and last year made the adventurous move to New Hampshire. I have really enjoyed taking the past year to explore and get settled in here. I love seeing all of the beautiful landscapes that New Hampshire has to offer. I graduated in 2013 with a Master's Degree in Education and then spent the next five years teaching 5th grade.

I enjoy creating whether it's through painting or writing. I love coffee, animals, and reading!! Just as my students are learning everyday, I do myself. Every day is a lesson to reflect on the opportunity of improvement within my teaching and myself.


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