Principal Newsletter

September 29, 2017

Dear Parents,

This week our students could be observed:

  • Practicing their soccer kicks, aiming for the goal in PE;
  • Learning math through number bonds (gr. 1-2), estimation strategies (gr 3-4) and solving cube roots (gr. 7);
  • Using pointillism in Art and playing recorders in Music;
  • In Social Studies, using the atlas to locate and compare regions of the US (gr. 5); learning about the Abenaki tribes (gr 3-4); and learning about communities in grade 1-2.
  • Identifying bones in our skeletons (gr. 1-2); studying atomic structure using the Periodic Table in Science (gr. 8);
  • Analyzing literary characters in grade 7 Language arts; practicing letter identification and writing (K-2); and reading books, independently or listening as a group, in all grade levels, both in homeroom and in the Library.

Also, our clubs and activities have begun in the Upper Wing.  We have students participating in the following at the end of each day; some students are choosing one activity per week while others are taking on two or three:

Mondays:  Martial Arts;  Mentoring/Service Club

Tuesdays:  Art Club; Robotics 

Wednesdays: Green Thumb Club; Music Ensemble

Thursdays: Robotics (til 4:15)

Fridays:  Chess Club; Student Council; Yearbook

We are so thankful to parent and community members Kate Barber, Mike Sartwell, Peter Lynch and Jeff Proehl for mentoring our clubs!  Thanks also to faculty members Diana Fontaine, Laura Prignano, Colleen O’Connor, Jane Brodeur, Alex Judge, Megan Formichelli and Stacey Parrott for leading student activities.

Coming up next week:

  • The Book Fair will run through October 6; students will have an opportunity to preview the books available during their library class time at school (please see attached flier: FallBookFairFlier )
  • Wed. Oct. 4 at 7 pm in the Library:  CCPTO Meeting (Look for upcoming news on fundraisers.)
  • Thursday Oct. 5, 6-7:30:  Open House and Book Fair – Come meet the teachers and other parents, and find out what all our students are learning at Cornish.  
  • Friday Oct. 6, we will hold our first Student of the Month assembly in the gym last period of the day. Parents are welcome to attend.

A reminder that we are still missing important forms so our students can go on field trips on or just off our campus.  Please send those in as soon as possible; see Dale Lawrence in the front office if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday evening!    

Warmest regards,  

Jennifer Prileson, Principal


Kait Jones