News from the Art Room

Hello from the art room at CES!!! 

The school year and our art are well under way:) After discussing the POINT of a portfolio, students have painted rocks to express their individuality and guide them to be their personal best. These rocks will then be displayed as a community art project near the outdoor classroom on the school grounds for all to view and enjoy. Next we will be exploring the endless possibilities of LINE. So, if you are looking for a new art challenge, create a line list. Remember, lines do not have to be straight and they can change direction... Can you reach 100? Ms. O'Connor is waiting to see who comes up with the most in each grade.

Also, various opportunities for art contests and area classes and workshops are posted in and around the art room. Check it out! Since we had students enter the Casella calendar contest last year, they have graciously donated a stack of calendars displaying student artwork from the area. See Ms. O if you would like a copy.

Have a fabulous October!

ArtKait Jones