Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

PreK/K Newsletter

Nov. 13-17, 2017

Dear Families,

It was a pleasure to meet with you all at conference time last week - nice to share our perspectives on your children, and so very civilized to have an uninterrupted conversation as adults!? The class is coming along, as individuals and as a family of friends. It looks like we might earn our first fish for our tank this week!

So we are humming right along. We have been talking about “What rules do we follow in different places?” and enjoying the Big Book “How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?” The children had fun talking about good rules to follow and making up their own seriously silly rules. Kindergartners have been introduced to the high frequency word “to” and “and”, the letter Nn and the short “i” sound as in “sip”. We continue our work in blending sounds together and have been practice reading “We Run” and “Go,Nat!”.

In Math we have been focusing on how numbers are composed of other smaller numbers, counting and ordering up to 10, one more/less.

Our “4 Winds” lesson Thursday was on “Snags and Rotting Logs”. The children were enthusiastic scientists digging into rotting logs to discover that they are a key attraction in the forest, magnets for a procession of inhabitants and visitors, from mammals to microbes, seeds to salamanders.  Many thanks to Jody Schubert and Linda Fuerst, our inspired workshop leaders. Nan Newbold, our wonderful Fairy Godmother, who covered the cost of our Secret Garden sandbox, has provided us with funds for buying bird seed for our winter birdfeeders as well.

Next week is a short week, with school only on Monday and Tuesday. We will be sharing what we are especially thankful for and working on various turkey activities!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, counting your blessings with family and friends. Best wishes, Linda B. Coolidge



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