Principal Newsletter

 November 3, 2017

Dear Parents,

This has been an unusual week for sure!  With the storm causing so many power outages, phone/Internet blackouts and road closures, it’s still taking a while for everyone to get back to normal routines.  We so appreciate your flexibility with the temporary bus route changes and helping neighbors out with communication and other forms of assistance.  

Flexibility included everyone’s willingness to switch around schedules this week.  As a result, we were able to combine our Literacy Day activities with our monthly assembly.  Favorite book characters (many from Harry Potter) came to life as students changed into the 3 Blind Mice, Harry Potter, Berenstain Bears, Rapunzel, Robin Hood, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and others filed into the gym.  Staff participated too: Red Riding Hood, Hagrid, Professors Sprout and Snape, and many other Harry Potter characters were there to supervise. After ‘Mary Poppins’ completed the student and staff recognition portion of the assembly, students were assigned to a group that rotated through a series of literacy stations.  Students participated in many activities, including: reading with a buddy in the library; spooky skits with Ms. Dangelo-Worth; writing math haikus with Ms. Gray; creating Italian folk art with Ms. O’Connor; descriptive writing with Ms. Tilton; reading and improvisation in the gym with Ms. Prileson; and writing poetry and fall stories with Ms. Udelhofen and Ms. Clement.  

We have two main events occurring soon: 

Parent-Teacher Conferences: This Thursday evening and Friday morning (Nov. 9 and 10), teachers will be meeting with parents.  By now you should have received confirmation of a scheduled time to meet with one or more of your child’s teachers.  If you have not yet done so and wish to schedule an appointment, please contact the teacher via email or phone early this week to determine a time that will work for everyone.  To facilitate these conferences, school will not be in session for students on Friday.

Picture Re-Takes: If you would like your student to have his or her picture re-done, or if your students was not at school during the original day, please mark your calendar for November 14, from 8:30 – 10 am.  You will need to bring in the whole packet if you are having pictures re-done.  If you need an envelope to fill out, you must contact the office to request one so we will have them available in time for pick-up.  Please call Dale Lawrence to make this request.

Other Events Coming up:

Monday November 13:  Grades PreK through 4 will see a play at the Hopkins Center 

Monday November 20, 6:30 pm:  School Board Meeting in the Library

Have a wonderful and safe weekend. 

Warmest regards,  

Jennifer Prileson



Kait Jones