Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

PreK/K Newsletter Dec. 11-15, 2017

 *5:30pm Monday Holiday Concert*

Dear Families,                                                

Our days have been busy and rather jazzy with the excitement of the first real snowfall (we measured 8” on the picnic table out in our Secret Garden!), Jury duty for me/subs for the children, and the approaching holidays...! We are doing our best to keep the spirits bright and pass along some smiles :)

As you can imagine, getting into all of the snow clothes at recess time, has been quite a challenge with 18 children!? PLEASE label all snow pants, mittens etc. and be sure your child has shoes to change into for school! Thanks.

We have been reviewing the sound of short Oo as in octopus and the letter Dd. The high frequency words “you” and “do” have been introduced and the Kindergartners have been practicing reading little books with Pam Gendron, wonderful grandmother of Hagean & Nora. Any practice at home with recognizing the letters and sounds we’ve covered so far ( Aa,Cc,Dd,Ii,Mm,Nn,Oo,Pp,Ss,Tt), as well as the list of high frequency words, would be a great help. Perhaps some of the children could write their own thank-you notes after the holidays, with the help of their older siblings/cousins/friends…?!

In Math Kindergartners have been exploring the tricky teens, working with ten frames, dot cards, and playing “Tricky Teen Bingo”.  Last Friday the K’s had an awesome time working on teams with our Gr.5 Math Buddies and creating the biggest possible structure with marshmallows and toothpicks.

At Circletime we continue to enjoy the many old favorite songs and stories of this holiday season. I’m hoping we’ll be able to bake some special holiday cookies next week as well.

I trust you all have a peaceful, joyful holiday surrounded by blessings. Our daughters and their families, including 16 mth. old Eleanor and 10 mth. old Owen will be home with us, and I can’t wait!!

Rest well, keep it simple, stay warm and well, and enjoy. Ms.C.

CoolidgeKait Jones