Principal Newsletter

Dear Parents,               

Thank you for your participation in last week’s Parent-Teacher conferences.  We appreciate your involvement in your child’s learning.  If you still need to meet with a teacher, please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

We’ve had another full week with lots of learning activities going on as students are…

  • Writing up Science Fair projects
  • Learning multi-digit division in grade 3 math class
  • Participating in another Four Winds nature lesson in PreK and Kindergarten class
  • Learning tricks with the parachute in P.E. class
  • Making observations of images from Aztec culture in grade 5 Social Studies

Coming up soon:

  • CCPTO:  our next monthly meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5, at 7 pm in the Library.
  • Science Fair/STEM Night:  Be sure to put April 7 on your calendars!  Students will be displaying their Science Fair and STEM projects in the Gym that afternoon and evening.  The Robotics Club will also have some demonstrations to show off, so everyone should plan to come and check it out for themselves.
  • Movie Night Canceled/To be Re-Scheduled:  Due to Friday's snowstorm, the 8th grade Movie Night fundraiser is being canceled.  Please stay tuned as we look for another date to re-schedule! 

Later in April:

  • Thursday April 28:  Be sure to come out for our 8th Grade vs. Staff Basketball game at 6 pm! 

Attached to the hard copy of this letter, you will find your student’s latest Café Services statement. Please plan ahead to ensure that at least $15-20 per week is budgeted.   With all this melting snow, we expect the school playground areas to be very wet and muddy the next few weeks. Please make sure your child comes to school with boots so we can keep everyone's shoes and sneakers dry for the classroom and gym floors.                

Warmest regards,                                                                     

Jennifer Prileson


Ryan Dougher