Welcome Back!

Greetings, Cornish Wildcats!

The Cornish Fair has come and gone, and we are wrapping up another series of building improvement projects.  From our glistening gym floor to a new swing set and freshly painted walls, the school is shaping up for the 2017-18 school year. And while our floors are getting scrubbed and re-waxed, The Abbey Group food service is setting up the kitchen while new science books and school supplies are piling up in storage closets, tables and counters. 

The 2017-18 school year will include our second year of Full Day Kindergarten; our third year of the Reading Wonders program for grades K-6; and our fourth year of Math in Focus (also known as Singapore Math). We will finish mapping out the K-8 Social Studies curriculum and finalize the adoption of standards and new materials for the following year. Effective instruction and a positive school climate will continue to be the two areas of focus this year, with feedback from frequent classroom observations, interactions and conversations with all stakeholders.

Teachers will meet regularly to review assessment data, analyze student progress and collaborate on assessments and curriculum.  The iReady program will be our new online benchmark assessment, replacing the NWEA/MAPs. iReady will serve as both a diagnostic aid and set up each student’s individualized online lessons and practice sessions for math and reading.  As in the past, Smarter Balance testing will take place in April and May (we should be receiving results for last year’s SBAC later this fall). Internal assessments, such as writing prompts, DIBELS and Rigby, will also be used to determine progress.

Our schedule includes a 40-50 minute RTI period each morning for grades 1 through 8, which will provide more prescriptive instruction in math, reading or writing based on students’ individual proficiencies, and enrichment for those students needing more challenge. In addition to the individualized iReady lessons, every student will continue to have a license to use the MobyMax program for Reading and Math; and Webspiration to facilitate writing assignments. All of these online, cloud-based programs will allow teachers to tailor instruction and monitor student progress, both during RTI and regular class periods, and provide students with supplemental lessons and practice, both at school and at home. 


Kait Jones