Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

PreK/K Newsletter Jan.16-19, 2018
Dear Families,
    It seems the young skiers and swimmers/yoga/martial artists had a fun time last week and are looking forward again to this Friday’s activities.! Back in the classroom our PreK’s enjoyed being part of a smaller group, working on self portraits and writing their names with Pam, while I worked on assessments with individuals. It was a nice change of pace for all involved!
    Meanwhile, I have been busy with planning, and preparing assessments in anticipation of Kindergarten Progress Reports (hopefully going home @ Feb.1). These will include the results of assessments in the areas of  Reading, Writing, and Math. Academically a lot is expected of our 5&6 year olds these days. No longer is Kindergarten simply a time to learn to work and play with others away from home. Just as children lose their teeth and learn to ride their bikes at different times, some are more ready than others for the challenges of school. Your child may be bright and excited about learning, but developmentally young, making sitting still and focusing on the lesson at hand a struggle. We do our best to accommodate each individual student’s needs, maintain and encourage their natural enthusiasm for learning, and help them to do their best, while keeping it playful and fun as much as possible!
Our Reading Wonders focus question was “What do living things need to grow?” (the editors must live somewhere south of here!?). We all enjoyed the Big Book “The Grand Old Tree”. The letter Ee as in elephant was introduced, along with the high frequency word “are”. 
In Math, we continue to practice counting by tens to 100 and figuring out the missing number in a sequence - what comes before and after. These are tricky concepts that are beginning to make more sense as we look for patterns and become more familiar with the 100 chart.
I hope you all have a refreshing fun weekend and get outside with your children as much as possible! Stay warm and well.      Ms. Coolidge

CoolidgeKait Jones