Ms. Coolidge Newsletter


Jan. 22-26, 2018

Dear Families,

The delayed opening on Tuesday provided a perfect opportunity for me to begin our study of the moon with the Kindergartners. I asked the children to share what they already know or are wondering about the moon, and they came up with quite an interesting list including: “Why aren’t there more full moons? Do astronauts go inside the moon? Where do craters come from? Sometimes the moon seems closer...” Over the next few weeks we will be reading many books about the moon and the Kindergartners will be keeping Moon Journals. These are being sent home today. Please be sure to read through the directions with your child, as there is homework involved. You and your Kindergartner need to observe and write/draw about the moon at least once a week through the rest of January and the first few weeks of February. I trust the weather will cooperate so we will have some fine sightings! The Blue Moon or second full moon in the month is next Wed. Jan.31!

The Kindergartners seem to be enjoyng their ski/swim,yoga... activities these past few Fridays. The PreK’s too are happy to be part of a smaller group. On Friday they will listen to “The Mitten” by Jan Brett and create their own mittens, as well as help set up our new Creation Station in the Art Center. Recycled materials and odds & ends are welcome! Several children have been enjoying our Observation Deck, noticing that the birds have been busy at our feeders out in the Secret Garden, and we’re hoping to see some footprints/tracks too. Many thanks to Pam, Hagean and Nora for the suet!

In quiet moments I continue to do “check-ups” (assessments) with individuals, in preparation for sending Progress Reports home Feb.1. Any extra practice with your Kindergartner recognizing the high frequency words (“he” and “with” were introduced this week), #0-20, and the letters/sounds we’ve covered so far (including the short vowels i,e,a, & o), would be most helpful!

Next Thursday we are looking forward to our “4 Winds” lesson on “Squirrel Tales”. Please make sure your child dresses warmly as we hope to be outside for part of the lesson. Thanks.

Have a cozy weekend – stay warm and well.

Take good care, Ms. Coolidge

CoolidgeKait Jones