Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

Kindergarten Newsletter

October 15-19, 2018

Dear Families,

The sunny days this week have been glorious, and we have made the most of them, “splashing” through the leaves in the wind, the sun warm on our backs. On Tuesday we went on a wonderful “Story Walk” out beyond the viewing station, past the soccer field, and learned “Feathers are not just for Flying”! Ask your child if s/he can remember some of the 16 ways we discovered birds use their feathers.

On Thursday we woke up to a snowy surprise - Ethan thought we should have a holiday! We put on our hats, boots and mittens instead, for our “4 Winds” lesson on “Beavers and Muskrats”, and hiked out again along the nature trail, to see the amazing new dam and pond the beavers have created. We are looking forward to building our own dams with Nora’s mom Skye on Friday.

We’ll be learning more about Fire Safety on Friday with Ethan’s dad, and going over to the firestation with Dale as well.

Meanwhile, we have been working with the letter Tt and plan to make tarts for our tea party on Fun Friday. Our new high frequency word is “like”. Please ask your Kindergartner to read their little “We Like” book to you. Soon we will have Gr.1-2 Reading Buddies to read to!

In Math we have been reviewing the shapes, #1-10, and exploring different ways to make 5. Magic Cups is a fun new activity, and the children have been having a good time putting 5 unifix cubes behind their backs, bringing several forward and asking their partner to figure out how many are left behind their back.

Please remember to return Book Bags on Mondays.

Looking ahead: Parent- teacher conferences will be on Nov.1 in the afternoon/evening and Nov. 2 in the morning. No school for children on Friday Nov.2. Please return conference forms by next Fri.Oct.26.

Have a lovely bright, invigorating weekend!

Ms. Linda B. Coolidge

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