Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

K Newsletter

October 22-26, 2018

Dear Families,

Halloween energy has been swirling around with the usual highs and lows this week!? Some of our favorite books include “No Such Thing”, “There’s a Monster Under My Bed”, and “There is a Nightmare in My Closet”. We’ve had some great conversations about what scares us (nightmares, bats, monsters…) and what we can do to feel better (turn on a light, wake up and think of something happy, snuggle with a stuffie…). The Kindergartners will be working on creating little books about this and I hope they will share them with you!

In science we’ve been talking about skeletons - there are 206 bones in a human skeleton! We’ve been enjoying our “Science Spin” magazine about bats and nocturnal animals. And we planted lots of daffodil and tulip bulbs in our Secret Garden before the rain came too. Each child brought home one tulip bulb and one daffodil bulb, which hopefully you can help them tuck into the ground.

We’ve been telling number stories and learning about adding on/how many more and fewer/less than in Math.

This week we reviewed the letters we’ve covered so far: Aa, Ss, Tt, Mm, Pp, and the new word “like”. We’ve been working on blending sounds to make words as well: map, sat, pat… this is challenging, exciting work! Our Gr.1-2 Reading Buddies have been joining us first thing most mornings and have been listening to the children practice read our little high frequency word books.

Next Tuesday I am looking forward to attending a “STEAM” seminar on integrating science, technology, engineering, art and math into our K. program. Mrs. Wilmot will sub for me. We will parade through the school with our the masks we created in Art on Halloween!

Parent-Teacher Conferences Th. p.m. Nov.1 & Fri. a.m. Nov.2. Conference slips attached. No school for children that Fri. Busy times!

I hope we all can slow down and relax this weekend. Be well and do get outdoors with your children as much as possible :)  Ms. Coolidge

Kait Jones