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Dear Families,

It’s been rather disconcerting to have had two Snow Days already, even before the beginning of December, (not that we haven’t enjoyed them!?) I filled the bird feeders in our Secret Garden in honor of my dad, who was an avid bird watcher. He passed away recently, just a few days after we celebrated his 94th! birthday with him.

Soon we will start a daily tally of the visiting birds.

I will put up twinkle lights around our windows on the first day of December, to help brighten these grey mornings. Meanwhile, the children are busy creating Solstice chains, and will snip off a loop at the end of each day, counting down the days ‘til the shortest day and longest night of the year. Everyone also drew a special, secret winter scene that will become part of our calendar countdown to the Solstice.

The short i sound as in pin, and the letter Cc have been

introduced, as well as the high frequency word “go”. We’ve all been having fun with our new song “Go,Go,Go to Bed”! Kindergartners have been practicing reading the little book “We Go” with their Gr.1-2 Reading Buddies. Please ask your child to read it to you too. Our class book shelves are now filled with a wonderful assortment of books about winter and the approaching holidays.

In Math we have started a chapter on the tricky teens, circling groups of 10 and how many left over. Further practice recognizing the numbers 11-19 would be helpful. We’ve also been learning more about 3D shapes: spheres, cylinders, cones and cubes.

Now that boot season is here, you are encouraged to keep an extra pair of shoes or slippers here in cubbies, so your child won’t have to remember to bring them back and forth to school. An extra set of clothes is also a good idea. Please label all snow clothes and we’ll do our best to keep track of them! Thanks.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend. Stay warm and well.

Linda B. Coolidge

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