Update from Ms. U's Class

December 12, 2018

Dear Parents,

I am going to be talking about math class. When it is time for math the 4th graders go to Ms. Sinclair. The first thing that they do is work on Reflex. After the 4th graders get their green light they work on a math worksheet. If they finish half of the worksheet and a math packet they work on Zearn. But sometimes they play games.

  Now on to the 3rd graders. When it is time for math the 3rd grade stays in Ms. U and Mrs. Ryan’s class to work on telling time. The main thing that they are working on is elapsed time. Once they are finished with elapsed time they focus on multi-step problem solving. At the end they work on fast facts or games for the remainder of the time.


Pheobe, a 4th Grade Student

UdelhofenKait Jones