News from the Art Room

Well, we are now more than halfway through another school year! Due to the "Ski/Life" program, many of our young artists have been missing art on Fridays, but that is coming to an end... In honor of March being Nutrition Month, we'll be getting right to work on nutritious looking portraits, composed of fruits and veggies, like the Italian artist Arcimboldo.  

Speaking of March, it is also Youth Art Month! Start thinking now about what you can do to celebrate your creativity... Don't forget to share your ideas with me, friends and family to get everyone involved:)

Until then, this month's Art Challenge is all about color! How many different values of one color can you create or find in your daily life? Document all the tints (a color plus white) and shades (a color plus black) with your camera, by describing/writing about them or mixing them with your choice of media. Can you make or find a value for each day of the month? Bet you can, February is the shortest month of the year you know!


Have fun and good luck, Ms. O:)

ArtKait Jones