Principal Newsletter

               March 9, 2018

Dear Parents,                                                                                     

We’re glad to be back from our snow day and hard at work again.  This week, students have been…

  • Calculating the area of triangles and 4-sided geometric figures with Mr. Budner and Ms. Thornton;
  • Recording their individual fitness statistics for pull-ups, planks, etc. with Ms. Abraham;
  • Using meters and centimeters to measure length and width with Ms. Clement;
  • Composing nutrition/food-themed art in the style of Arcimbolo with Ms. O’Connor;
  • Reviewing spelling lists with Ms. Udelhofen and Mrs. Ryan;
  • Discussing ways the media affects our body image with Ms. Jones, Ms. Fontaine and Ms. Prignano;
  • Tackling the more advanced D-minor and B-flat chords on the ukulele with Mr. Judge;
  • Identifying patterns using the calendar and weather with Ms. Coolidge and Ms. Brodeur;
  • Analyzing artwork to learn how Cortes and his soldiers engaged with Moctezuma and the Aztecs with Ms. Tilton.

With all the ups and downs of our winter weather, it’s hard to tell what outerwear to keep on hand!  However, there’s still plenty of snow, slush and mud outside, so help us by reminding your children to wear or bring their boots and snow pants, along with mitten, hats and jackets every day for outdoor recess. 

Mark Your Calendars!  

March 10:  School District Meeting at 1:00 pm in the Gym.  For those of you with young children, the 8th Grade is providing free babysitting!  We hope you’ll take advantage of this service as you come out to vote.

March 13:  Town Meeting Day – [No School] –Professional Development Day for all teachers on campus.

March 16:  Science Fair!  Come to the Cornish gymnasium 5-6 pm to see all the Upper Wing science projects!

Attached is a flier for the upcoming baseball and softball season, sponsored by Claremont Parks and Recreation.  Please review this information with your child and see if he or she would like to participate.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend; warmest regards,

Jennifer Prileson


Baseball Softball Flyer 2018.pdf      

Kait Jones