Principal News

March 30, 2018

Dear Parents,                                                                           

Thank you for attending our Parent-Teacher conferences today and yesterday evening; we had dozens of parents here, meeting with our teachers to review student progress and set goals.  It was great to see so many of you involved with your child’s educational progress.

This week, students were observed:

  • With Ms. Clement, watching a puppet show explaining ecology interactions, presented by 4 Winds;
  • Writing essays about the book Crash and learning about Hammurabi’s Code with Ms. Tilton;
  • Modeling the greenhouse gas effect, using Alka Seltzer tablets and water with Ms. Parrott;
  • Writing ‘what I like most about school’ with Mrs. Coolidge;
  • Presenting research projects for Ms. Jones and Ms. Udelhofen (check out the website for examples!);
  • Working on stories, poems and artwork for submission to the new Cornish Literary Magazine, led by Ms. Dangelo. (Note: Artwork will also be hung in the Cornish Town Offices soon, by Ms. O’Connor.)
  • Taking and organizing photographs for the Yearbook, guided by Ms. Barber and 8th grade parents.

Next week is Spirit Week, culminating in our next student of the month assembly.  The Student Council is organizing the theme for each day and will put together teams to play some fun games during the second part of the assembly.  Each day’s theme is highlighted in the calendar reminders below.

Mark Your Calendars for a busy week ahead!  

April 2:  [Student-Teacher Swap Day]; New morning bus routes go into effect (please see earlier flier)

April 3:  [Old TV/Movie Character Day]; 8th Grade Job Shadow Day

April 4:  [Twin Day]; CCPTO Meeting, 7 pm in Library

April 5:   [Pajama Day]

April 6:   [Crazy Hair/Class Color Day] Student of the Month/Spirit Week Assembly, 2 pm in the Gym

           8th Grade vs. Staff Basketball Game, 6:30pm in the Gym  -- come on out for a fun evening!


Have a wonderful and safe weekend; warmest regards,

Jennifer Prileson


Kait Jones