Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

PreK/K Newsletter

May 14-18, 2018

Dear Families,

Eggsiting news: our first (and only chick) started making its way out of the shell right on its due day Tuesday, and greeted us Wednesday morning already fluffed out but sleepy, resting its head on a close by egg. We keep hoping for more, as this little one seems lonely snuggled up to the stuffed chick in its crate, peeping away! We’ve had lots of quiet visitors come in to take a look and you are welcome too.

Meanwhile, the Kindergartners have been learning the long “u” vowel sound as in “cube”. The PreK’s and K’s have been busy seeing what they can create with our tubes, and having fun with the mule playing a ukulele puppet! K’s are practice reading their new high frequency words “good” and “who” and the little book “Who Can Help?”

In Math the K’s have started learning to recognize coins and learn their value. I discovered very few children were familiar with coins - soon to be a thing of the past?! Practice at home would be helpful.

Next Thursday May 24 we are looking forward to our “4 Winds” lesson on “Stream Life”. We will be looking for macroinvertebrates in the stream. The stream that we will be studying is shallow, but the children will surely get wet! So please send in a change of clothes, rubber boots or an old pair of sneakers/sturdy water sandals. Rain date will be the following Thursday May 31. This will be our last “4 Winds” lesson for the year. Many thanks to Linda Fuerst and Jody Schubert, our wonderful community volunteers!

*In school it is my expectation that when I call out a child’s name, they will reply “Yes!”, turn and look at me, stop what they’re doing, listen, and follow through with my request. Some have gotten rather lax about this, so practice at home would be much appreciated! We continue to work on using a calm voice and words when frustrated, rather than using our hands/bodies...*

Have a lovely Springy weekend. Enjoy and be well!

Ms. Linda B. Coolidge

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