Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

PreK/K Newsletter

May 21-25, 2018

Dear Families,

We are soaking up this lovely, bright blooming spring after the long, cold winter. Tomorrow/Thursday promises to be another fine day and we are looking forward to our “4 Winds” lesson on “Stream Life”! Please be sure your child brings a change of clothes and rain boots or old sneakers/water shoes or sturdy sandals for exploring a variety of organisms in the stream. Bug dope would be a good idea too.

Meanwhile, the Kindergartners have been busy at work writing their individual stories in their journals, in preparation for having them published. They will share these with you on our last day Celebration June 20th 10-11 a.m. PreK’s are illustrating their special book about this year in school and what they’re looking forward to in Kindergarten next year as well.

The long vowel “e” as in bee has been introduced and the new high frequency words “come” and “does”. K’s are finishing up a unit on coins and their completed Math workbooks are coming home in backpacks.

The Kindergartners are also doing research in the library on animals they are interested in. We all are learning some amazing fun facts! Did you know baby hippos are born under water, and alligators can go two years without eating? To go along with their research, the children will create their animals out of clay and make dioramas to depict their habitats.

Jase and Maddy’s dad very kindly brought in 4 little 2 day old chicks to keep our lonely, loud peeper company. Our sad news however, is that our original little chick was not well and died over the weekend. The 4 remaining chicks are thriving and continue to delight us. We hope to take them out to the Secret Garden in their crate, before they head home with the Steels before the long weekend.

I hope you all have a relaxing, fun Memorial Day long weekend with your families, (regardless of the weather forecast!) Best wishes,

Ms. Linda B. Coolidge

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