Principal Newsletter

May 25, 2018

Dear Parents,                                                                                                               

This week students were observed:

  • Studying stream life with Ms. Coolidge, Ms. Clement and the 4 Winds group out on the CREA trail;
  • Completing iReady math and reading assessments with Ms. Udelhofen and Ms. Varga;
  • Matching up math facts using hexagon manipulatives in Ms. Clement’s class;
  • Sketching in Art class with Ms. O’Connor;
  • Identifying relevant information from reading passages in Ms. Tilton’s class;
  • Calculating net forces with Mrs. Parrott in 5th grade Science class;
  • Reviewing statistics for an upcoming math test with Mr. Budner;
  • Working on an autobiography and incorporating spelling words with Ms. Guitar;
  • Practicing on their instruments for the Memorial Day celebration next week with Mr. Judge;
  • Reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Ms. Dangelo’s class.

Mark Your Calendars for upcoming events next week and beyond:  

May 30:  Memorial Day celebration at Cornish Flat – Grades 5-8 will be in attendance.

June 1:   Dance for Grades 5 through 8, 6:30-9:00 pm in the gym. $5 admission; refreshments available.  Other schools are invited; students may bring a friend from another school with signed permission form.  A ‘spring theme’ for décor; while we are asking students to dress up a little, this ‘semi-formal’ dance is not meant as a requirement for any prom-like attire.  Just a little dressier than what is normally worn to school, to help us all celebrate the end of the school year and the upcoming 8th grade graduation!

June 5:  6:30 pm Join us for a special grade 3-4 presentation of Cornish historical figures in a ‘Tableau Vivant’ in the gym.

June 6:   Bike Safety event in Loudon, NH; please look for details on our Nurse’s webpage, along with immunization update reminders for students, particularly for Kindergarteners and 7th graders.

Kindergarten & Pre-Kindergarten registration continues, so please contact Dale Lawrence for any needed forms and Linda Coolidge for more information.  If your child is already enrolled in PreKindergarten, he or she is already registered for Kindergarten; we just need health forms updated.  Please see Ms. Prignano for those.

It’s time to order your Yearbook!  Please go online to order your copy:   Any inquiries should be sent to Kate Barber via email:

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!  Warmest regards,


Jennifer Prileson, Principal

Kait Jones