Job Shadow Day - April 3, 2018

For the first time, our 8th grade students were given an opportunity to participate in a job shadow day. The students took interests surveys and were matched with a local company that they shadowed. The local companies that our students visited were; Claremont Animal Hospital, Smith and Vansant Architects, PC, Red River Computer Co., and Northern Stage. This job shadow day took place on Tuesday, April 3rd. The students all had a wonderful time and highly recommend that future students participate in this event as well!  

- Ms. Fontaine

This is what some of them had to say about their experiences:

"They made me want to be a vet even more" 

"Very enjoyable experience!" 

"Job shadow day was fun and informative. It was a great experience! My favorite thing was the 3D printer. I like how we got to program the design." 

"The building had a very welcoming vibe to it. The people were very nice and the trip itself was very informational. I highly recommend do this!" 

"I liked the 3D printing." 

"So much fun and so necessary for students!" "New and exciting" 

"I enjoyed it because I liked the job anyway." "The people made it fun because they were kind and super fun!" 

CounselorKait Jones