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Some of you may have heard of Tick Tubes and how they can can help with our fight against the tick.  I just learned of them and wanted to share this simple, yet effective method.  For those that are not familiar...tick tubes work at the nymph stage of the tick life cycle and can help to knock back the numbers of those overwintering pests from infesting your yard. 

This particular video talks about the life cycle of the tick and one way to build a tick tube: 

Basically, collect paper tubes (from toilet paper or paper towels) soak cotton balls in permethrin, allow to dry.  Using gloves, stuff the tubes.  Place the tubes in a sheltered spot,  about 50 feet from your house, following the perimeter.

  • The permethrin can be found online or  in most sporting goods stores.  One application to your sneakers will last up to 6 weeks.  
  • Tubes can be purchased, but at $28 for 5, I would rather make my own.  
  • You can use any soft material for the tube, I have even seen videos using dryer lint (free!).
  • This will not help when deer carry the ticks in, but mice are the more common host.

Stay Safe!

NurseKait Jones