Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

PreK/K Newsletter

Sept. 3-7, 2017

Dear Families,

We are in full swing now that we have been in school for 7 days. It’s been really nice to ease into school gradually, especially given the recent very hot, end of the summer days! We’ve also had some lovely, relaxing times in our Secret Garden when our work is done.The children are settling in and learning to be a family of friends, working together as a team, and doing their best to be safe, responsible and respectful.

These first two weeks of school we have been talking about the idea that each individual is special, as we get to know each other in this new group.The high frequency word “I” has been introduced to the Kindergartners: the word we use to talk about ourselves, and it is always written with an uppercase I, as are all names. The children have been sharing what is special about/important to each of them and drawing/writing about themselves, their families and friends.

We were excited to observe that our Monarch caterpillar had transformed into a chrysalis, with its magical golden dots. We worked on Science Observations of the Monarch caterpillar and chrysalis, and are counting down 14 days until the butterfly emerges. We are keeping a close eye on a second chrysalis too, that we discovered hanging in the greenhouse out in the Secret Garden. “Metamorphosis” is the tricky word we’ve learned that describes the life cycle/changes it undergoes.

In Math we have been focusing on the #1-5 and continuing our discussions about same and different. Any practice at home forming the numerals 1-5 would be most helpful!

We made a fresh batch of playdough on Fun Friday and hope to cook every week. Does anyone have any blueberries left on a bush they’d like to donate for muffins next week?

Have a lovely, refreshing weekend, and please keep in touch.

Ms. Coolidge

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