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K Newsletter

Sept. 17 - 21, 2018

Dear Families,

We’ve been soaking up these last few warm days of Summer and are beginning to look forward to the crisp, colorful days of Fall. We love being outside and making the most of this wonderful weather!  Wednesday we joined Gr. 1-4 on a great hike up to French’s Ledges. It was quite a challenging trail and there were a few tumbles, given the roots and rocks along the way. However, the children were amazing and persisted! They especially had fun at snack time by the stream, and then again at the top looking over the town below.  

Back in the classroom we’ve been drawing/writing about what we will miss about Summertime and what we are looking ahead to doing this Autumn. Next week we will celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday. Please send in an apple or two, if you have any to spare - thanks.

We have been focusing on the letter Mm and the words: I, can, the (some say “thu” and some say “thee”, but it’s always spelled “T H E”!

In Math we have been focusing on the #1-9, practicing forming the numerals, pointing to each object counted, and exploring the different combinations that make up those numbers. “Last One Standing” is a favorite game.

We’ve had fun exploring various “Brain Breaks” using our Smart Board, to perk us up between lessons. At Rest time after lunch, I’ve been playing classical music and the children have been very good about reading books on their mats and coloring quietly. Most children are pretty worn out by the afternoon, and staying focused on the tasks at hand becomes more challenging… Having Math groups and our Specials at the end of the day helps!

Next Thursday we are looking forward to our first “4 Winds” on “Birds of a Feather”. Please be sure your child dresses warmly, with sturdy shoes, as we will outside for much of this fine nature program.

*Thurs. Oct.4 Open House 6-7:30 p.m. K-Gr.8*

I hope you all enjoy a relaxing, fun weekend!   Ms. Linda Coolidge

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