Principal Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                                            Friday January 25                                      

Our Ski/LIFE program continues to generate a lot of enthusiasm, with students learning new skills and practicing others, whether out on the slopes or in the pool.  Let’s keep fingers crossed for cooperative weather over the next two weeks!

With Monday’s holiday and yesterday’s ice delay, it’s been a short, but very full week.  Recently, students have been:

  • Citing text evidence in their writing as they analyze historical events with Ms. Tilton;

  • Drawing robots on graph paper, then calculating perimeter and area for each part with Ms. Udelhofen;

  • Comparing layers of the atmosphere on a molecular level with Mr. Colombo;

  • Practicing their dribbling skills in PE with Mr. Holloway;

  • Identifying the ‘letter of the day’ and ‘number of the day’ in PreK with Ms. Dyke;

  • Exploring the civil rights era with Ms. Dangelo-Worth;

  • Subtracting 2-digit numbers with Ms. Clement Edwards;

  • Solving for ‘x’ with Mr. Budd in 5th grade;

  • Reviewing fractions with Ms. Sinclair;

  • Making ‘trout crowns’ with Ms. Coolidge to wear in anticipation of getting trout eggs for their special chilled fish tank!

Home basketball games coming up:

Monday January 28 – 5:00 pm 2/3/4 Boys v. Weathersfield; 6:00 pm 2-3-4 Girls v. Weathersfield

Tuesday January 29 – 5:00 pm 7/8 Boys v. CCA;  6:15 pm 2-3-4 Girls v. Newport

Thursday January 31 – 5:15 pm 7/8 Boys v Hartford; 6:15 pm 5/6 Boys v. Newport

Mark Your Calendars!  

January 28:  Budget Hearing and School Board Meeting, 6:00 pm in Library

February 5:  CCPTO meeting, 7:00 pm in the Library

February 15:  Grade 5-6-7-8 Dance in Gym; Semi-formal attire; $7 admission

Have a safe and relaxing weekend; warmest regards,  Jennifer Prileson

Kait Jones