Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

Kindergarten Newsletter

January 22-25, 2019

Dear Families,

We have been very lucky to have had so many clear skies lately for viewing the moon, both at night and in the morning. Rebecca brought in an amazing photo of the splendid Blood Red Wolf Moon to share with those who missed the midnight eclipse on Sunday. We continue to read a variety of books about the moon, and children have been bringing in their completed moon journals, earning a full moon sticker for the front.

Meanwhile, we have been reviewing the letters Rr and Ff, as well as the high frequency words “with” and “he”. Please be sure your child reads the little practice book “Tim” to you, a stuffie, siblings, pet… It will get easier with practice!

As an introduction to our study of Forces and Motion this week, we watched a quick video of a roller coaster and talked about how things move. We experimented with pushing and pulling chairs, adding weight to see which seemed easier. We talked about how gravity is a force that pulls things down. Our “Science Spin” magazine explains more. We will create ramps and have fun exploring forces and motion.

We have made Trout crowns portraying the life cycle: “eggs, fry, fingerlings, trout” in anticipation of the arrival of our eggs on Friday!!

Our fairy Godmother Nancy Newbold stopped by with a check to cover the cost of a related surprise that we’re working on - we are excited!

I’ve been noticing that quite a few children have been tired and rather grumpy at times in the afternoon. We’ve had some good discussions about expected and unexpected behaviors - what we can/should do if we’re feeling angry, frustrated or upset. Please help by getting your Kindergartners to bed at a reasonable time so they can put forth their best selves the next day at school. Thanks :)

School Budget hearing Monday Jan.28 at 6 p.m. to go over the proposed budget for next year, including another teacher so Gr.1&2 would no longer be combined. Please come lend your support.



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