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Kindergarten Newsletter

Jan. 28 - Feb. 1, 2019

Dear Families,                                 *Recycled materials & tape needed!

Winter does go on, doesn’t it? We all are feeling rather restless with Cabin Fever these bitter cold days when we can’t be outside!

This seems a good time to share with you what I understand about older five year old’s growth patterns. As children move towards six, unsettled behavior signals growth and change. Children at this stage are often oppositional. They tend to complain, test authority and limits, and sometimes strike out with temper tantrums. They tend to be physically restless and tire quickly. They tend to print less neatly and with more reversals than earlier in the year. Being consistent about rules and following through with reminders and redirection is really important at this age. (“Yardsticks” by Chip Wood of the Responsive Classroom). Patience/deep breaths, hugs and humor help us all carry on!

Meanwhile, we have been reviewing the letters Bb and Ll and the high frequency words “little” and “is”. Kindergartners have been practice reading “Little and Big” with their Gr.1-2 reading buddies and hopefully at home with you too.

We’ve been talking about penguins and had fun experimenting to see how an adult’s feathers are waterproof, unlike the chick’s fluffy down. We’ve learned more about how snowflakes are created, colored our own special snowmen and then wrote “Lost Snowman” descriptions (what color hat, mittens, number of buttons…) so we could find each hidden around the classroom.

We  continue with our exploration of Forces and Motion, watching some fascinating videos on how big machines work, creating mazes, constructing ramps and predicting what’d make a ball/car go faster.

We will be having an exciting Four Winds lesson on “Skulls Sleuthing” next Thursday.

We have been experiencing some frustrating computer glitches lately, so Kindergarten Progress Reports will not be ready to send home until next week. Stay warm and well!

Ms. Linda B. Coolidge

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