Ms. Coolidge Newsletter


Feb. 25 - March 1, 2019

Dear Families,

          Welcome back! I hope you all were able to enjoy a more relaxed pace and some quality time off with your children last week. Most everyone seems to have returned in good health, well rested, full of fresh energy, and glad to be back with their friends again.

       Kindergartners are learning about the short “u” sound as in umbrella and have added “for” and “have” to their long list of high frequency words. We all enjoyed the Big Book “Zooborns” and the K’s are practice reading “Two Cubs” and “Animal Babies” with their Gr.1-2 Reading Buddies. We have set a goal of reading 100 books as a class. Each time a child reads a book to an older person, they put their name on a bird, as in “Give us Books. Give us Wings”. We will keep a tally of our progress and have a celebration when we reach our goal.

Thursday we had a fascinating “4 Winds” lesson on “Skull Sleuthing” lead by our inspiring leaders Skye Gendron, Linda Fuerst and Jody Schubert. We explored what we can learn about an animal by looking at the structure of its skull,  its eyes, and especially the type and arrangement of its teeth.

On Fun Friday March 1 we will celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, read lots of his books, play around with rhymes, and have a  glorious time making and experimenting with individual batches of Oobleck! We will mix @ ½ cup of cornstarch with @ ¼ cup water and a drop of green food coloring - it may need more cornstarch.

       We are all very ready for Spring! Please check backpacks for damp clothes and make sure your child has a set of dry clothes to change into if need be. Thanks. March has come in more like a lion (hard to appreciate!?), but we’ll see what comes around the corner. Mud Season?! We’ll be relieved when it warms up and the children are able run around outside and let off some steam. Snow pants (?) and boots are still needed for the duration...

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on March 11 & 12. Please return the attached form on Monday. Thanks. No school for students March 12.

Stay well and let’s hope Spring isn’t too far around the bend!


*SCHOOL DISTRICT MEETING Sat. March 9, 1 p.m. (childcare provided in the K classroom – donations appreciated). Please come, stay, and support your children and their/our school. This is a REALLY important meeting in which to be involved.

CoolidgeKait Jones