Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

indergarten Newsletter

                                       March 18-22, 2019

Dear Families,

It seems Spring is finally creeping into our neck of the woods and we now have had more lamb than lion days in March! We did our best to catch a leprechaun last Friday with some amazingly intricate traps. The room was all topsy-turvy when we came back from Art at the end of the day - chairs tipped over and paths of gold glitter everywhere. Each child discovered a gold covered chocolate coin in their trap and spirits were high, in spite of not catching that rascal.

This week we’ve been celebrating the first day of Spring, creating a class chart and individual little books about “Goodbye Winter (“Goodbye getting sick…”); Hello Spring”. On Fun Friday we will make a Mud Pie, complete with gummy worms. We’d love to go Sugaring, if someone could help us organize such an outing…?

On Wednesday Ben Kilham, the bear expert from Lyme, NH spoke with the children about his experiences caring for bears, and answered lots of questions. You can see more about him on Youtube.  

Meanwhile, we’ve been reviewing the letters “Jj” and Ququ” and the high frequency words “me” and “here”. In Math we continue to work with number bonds and math facts, how many more to make ten etc.

Our “4 Winds” lesson this week was on “Owls” and the children found the investigation of the owl pellets fascinating. Many thanks to our community volunteers for sharing this inspiring program with us.

After our April vacation I would like to start some eggs in our incubator, and I am looking for 7 fertilized chicken eggs. Please let me know if you’d be able to supply these and would be willing to take any chicks hatched, once they get their pin feathers.

Our Alevin are growing quickly and racing all around the little viewing basket in the tank. Mr. Meeks has been gradually increasing the temperature in the tank to mirror the stream slowly warming up.

Have a relaxing, pleasant weekend. Hopefully the sun will continue to warm up our world. Be well.                           Ms. Linda B. Coolidge

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