Principal Newsletter

March 22, 2019

Dear Parents,

One of the highlights of our week was hosting Mr. Ben Kilham, noted bear expert, who came to our school to answer questions about the work he does with orphaned black bear cubs.  Mr. Kilham met with each group of students in the Library over the course of 3 hours and from their Q and A session, the students now know much more from his field-based discoveries and activities, such as:

  • Black bears are social creatures,  not solitary;

  • Bears exhibit empathy and altruism;

  • The Kilham Bear Center has reintroduced over 250 black bears in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts;

  • Mr. Kilham is working with the Chinese government to help them reintroduce panda bears to the wild.

We are so very grateful to the Enrichment Committee and the CCPTO for providing the funds to bring Ben here for his talk.  The Kilham Bear Center relies entirely on donations and they currently have 66 orphaned bears they have to house and feed this winter before reintroducing them back into their forest habitat this spring.  To learn more, visit the website:

In other classes, students have been:

  • Dissecting owl pellets with the 4 Winds program in Ms. Coolidge’s classroom;

  • Taking tests on their understanding of the American Revolution with Ms. Dangelo-Worth;

  • Creating sculptures with recycled materials;

  • Researching Mayan history and culture with Ms. Tilton;

  • Engaged in silent reading with Ms. Clement-Edward;

  • Solving functions of equations with Mr. Budd;

  • Using visual models and games to solve fraction problems with Ms. Udelhofen;

  • Studying earthquakes and volcanoes with Ms. Parrott.

Coming Up Soon!  

Next week we will begin our statewide testing (the NH SAS) with 8th graders, which goes through April.  Students in grades 3-8 are tested annually; teachers will be notifying students when their grade level will be participating.      

April 5: Professional Development day for teachers; school will not be in session.

April 15-19:  Spring Vacation

Enjoy the weekend and the fresh snowfall!  Warmest regards,   Jennifer Prileson

Kait Jones