Job Shadow Day

Our 8th graders were recently invited to participate in Job Shadow Day. Over 450 students form twelve Upper Valley Schools, including Cornish, had the opportunity to visit local workplaces and shadow hosts as they went through a typical day on the job. Students had the chance to learn the importance of school subjects in the workplace and make behind-the-scenes observations at local companies.

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One of our students shadowed a woman at the Dartmouth Athletic Facility and really enjoyed the host that she was with. She was able to learn, more in depth, what it is they do on the job including marketing, physical training, and overseeing 12 different sports at the college.

One of our students shadowed at the Claremont Animal Hospital and although she loves animals, the job shadow day helped her understand that she does not have as strong of a desire to go into this field. The placement was full of nice individuals who were welcoming. She thought the job was “cool” and interesting, but the day definitely helped her decide a better path for her future.

One of ours students shadowed at the Lebanon Police Department and had an absolute blast! He was able to learn all about how they operate, was able to see and explore the swat truck and spend some time with K-9!

Two of our students shadowed at Red River Computer Company in Claremont, New Hampshire. They went to the maker space and got to explore and play with lasers, which was a blast! The students also got a chance to talk about marketing, got a tour of the facilities, and got to design and customize their own phone stands (with a piece of wood and laser machines!).

One of our students shadowed at the Dartmouth Library! He was able to explore centuries worth of books, got to read an ORIGINAL copy of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and learn about the education needed for the position, and even came home with free gifts (including a fanny pack!).

Two of our students shadowed at Lambert Auto and had a great experience! They learned and observed multiple types of jobs at the facility! They were even able to visit the bike shop across the street! Both students learned a great deal about trade-in values of vehicles, among many other things!

Two of our students shadowed at Kendal at Hanover. One student had the opportunity to be in the dining services and got to prepare food for the workers and elderly individuals who live at the facility. She learned a lot about the money side of the job, stocking food and trucks, and overall, felt great about her day! The other student had the opportunity to be in the childcare facility and had so much fun playing with the kids and babies! She was able to see how they take care of the kids, how the preschool children were taught, and learned what the necessary experience and education is to be in this type of position

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CounselorKait Jones