Ms. Coolidge Newsletter

Kindergarten Newsletter

May 6-10, 2019

Dear Families,

Spring is really beginning to pop out in our Secret Garden! The daffodils and tulips we planted last fall provide a lovely rainbow of colors and the Forsythia couldn’t be brighter. We’ve taken the cover off of our sandbox and have been enjoying snack time out there, as much as possible before the bugs descend.

Meanwhile, the Kindergartners have been learning the long “o” vowel sound as in “rose”, practice reading “Look at This” with their Gr.1-2 Reading Buddies, and adding “where” and “look” to their high frequency word lists. We continue to work on our individual, soon to be published stories that the children will be reading to you on our last day of school Celebration June 14,10-11 a.m. Save the date!

In Math we have started learning to recognize coins and learn their value. I’ve discovered very few children are familiar with coins - soon to be a thing of the past?! Practice at home would be helpful, as well as counting by fives.

At Circletime we have been reviewing what “expected” and “unexpected” behavior looks like. Please ask your child to explain these behaviors to you. *In school it is my expectation that when I call out a child’s name, they will reply “Yes!”, turn and look at me, stop what they’re doing, listen, and follow through with my request. Some have gotten rather lax about this, so practice at home would be much appreciated! We continue to work on using a calm voice and words when frustrated, rather than using our hands/bodies...*

Our chicks are due beginning of next week -fingers crossed! We are hoping to hear peeping when we return to school on Monday :)

Have a lovely Springy weekend. Enjoy and be well!

Ms. Linda B. Coolidge

*Gr. K-2 are planning to build a 4x8’ raised bed for vegetables (by the upper parking lot behind the school) with materials donated by The home Depot. We are now looking for soil to fill it!

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