Principal Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                                                              May 17, 2019

There’s nothing like a set of spring snow showers to start off a school week!  Fortunately, our heating system has been able to keep up on the chillier days.

Lots of activities are continuing to fill our days:

  • Kindergartners are observing their newly hatched chicks;

  • The grade 5 & 6 play practices are approaching their 4th week;

  • Lower Wing students have been learning about bees and honey from 4 Winds;

  • Students are singing and playing instruments, preparing for next week’s Spring concert;

  • 6th graders taking a test on polygons in math class;

  • Counselors have been here to advise 8th graders attending Windsor High School on course registration;

  • Grade 3 & 4 went to the Farm to School event in Unity;

  • 5th graders completed vocabulary and spelling work with changes in endings from

  • Upper Wing students are completing projects for next Friday’s Science Fair in the Gym;

Friday, May 31st, the "upper wing" students will be hosting a "Battle for Breast Cancer" Battleship Tournament after school.  Contributions will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. If you are interested in participating, volunteering to help, or make baked goods, there are sign-up sheets in the school lobby!

If you haven’t yet ordered your yearbook, you can still have it shipped to your home after school is over for the year.  Please refer to this url address if you would like to order it online: 

Going on this month: 

May 20: 6:30 pm - School Board meeting in the Library

May 22: Spring Concert in the Gym, 6 pm, followed immediately afterwards with a ‘meet and greet the new Principal’ in the Library; light refreshments available, courtesy of the CCPTO

May 24:  5 – 6 pm, Science Fair in the gym

May 30:  Students in grades 5-8 will be participating in the Memorial Day ceremony in Cornish Flat

May 30:  The Kindergarten class will be releasing their trout in the brook behind the Meriden Deli

May 31:  3:15-5:30 in Gym – “Battle for Breast Cancer” battleship tournament fundraiser.

Through May 31:  Student art show at Town Hall

Enjoy your weekend!  Warmest regards,

Jennifer Prileson, Principal

Kait Jones