School Board Policies


O = Optional These policies should be reviewed to determine whether they meet a particular local need. Most are informational in nature.

P = Priority The subject matter of these policies is required by state and/or federal law.

R = Recommended While these policies are not required by law, they are highly recommended for effective and efficient School Board operation.

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Section A contains policies, on the District's legal role in providing public education and the basic principles underlying School Board governance. These policies provide a setting for all of the School Board's other policies and regulations.


Section B contains policies on the School Board - how it is appointed or elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings, and how the board operates. This section includes bylaws and policies establishing the board's internal operating procedures.


Section C contains policies on school management, administrative organization, and school building and department administration -- including the administrative aspect of special programs and system wide reforms such as school- or site-based management. It also houses personnel policies on the superintendent, senior administrators -- (management team), and school principals. All phases of policy implementation -- procedures or regulations -- are properly referenced and found in the appendix.


Section D contains policies on school finances and the management of funds. Policies on the financing of school construction and renovation, however, are filed in Section F, Facilities Development.


Section E contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on business management such as safety, building and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food services.

Code Category Title

EB P Workplace Safety Program & Joint Loss Management Committee

EBB P School Safety

EBBB P Accident Reports

EBBC P Emergency Care and First Aid (Also EBBC, JLCD & JLCE)

EBC O Crisis Prevention and Response (Also EB, EBCA, JICK)

EBCA R Emergency Plans

EBCB R Fire Drills

EBCB-R Fire Exit Drills in Educational Occupancies

EBCC R Bomb Threats

EBCD R Weather-Related Emergencies (Also EBCE)

EBCF O Pandemic / Epidemic Emergencies

ECAB O Access to Buildings (Also EB)

ECAF R Audio and Video Surveillance on School Buses

EDC O Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment

EDC-R Authorized Use of School-Owned Equipment

EEA P Student Transportation (Also EEAE, EEAEC & JICC)

EEAA R Video and Audio Surveillance on School Property

EEAE P School Bus Safety Program (Also EEA & JICC)

EEAEA P Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing

EEAEA-R Mandatory Drug/Alcohol Testing

EEAED O Receipt and Use of Sex Offender Registry Information

EEAG R Use of Private Vehicles on School Business

EEBD Indoor Air Quality

EF Food Service Management

EFA Availability and Distribution of Health Foods

EFAA R School Lunch Meal Charges

EFAB USDA Nondiscrimination Statement for School Food Service Programs

EGA P Technology Resources: Acceptable Access and Use for Staff and Students (Also JICAB)

EGA-R Acceptable Technology Resource Use: Procedures

EGAD R Copyright Compliance

EGAD-R Copyright Compliance

EH P Data Management

EHAA P Computer Security (EGA)

EHAB P Data Governance and Security

EHB P Data Records & Retention

EHB-R Data/Records Retention Schedule

EIB R Liability Insurance


Section F contains policies and regulations, on facility planning, financing, construction, and renovation.

Code Category Title

FEI O Playground

FFA O Memorials


Section G contains policies on all Cornish School District employees except for the Superintendent (policies on the school chief are located in Section C, General Administration). The category is divided into three main divisions: GB has policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel matters; GC refers to instructional and administrative staff; and GD refers to support or classified staff.

Code Category Title

GA R Personnel Goals/Priority Objectives

GADA P Employment References and Verification (Prohibiting Aiding and Abetting of Sexual Abuse)

GBA R Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

GBAA P Sexual Harassment and Violence - Employees (Also JBAA)

GBAA-R Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Violence Report Form

GBAA-R2 Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Violence Investigator's Checklist

GBCD P Background Information and Criminal Records Check (Also IJOC)

GBCD-R Professional Staff Positions

GBCD-R1 Technical Assistance Advisory

GBD O Communications with Staff (Also BHC)

GBE R Employee Rights and Responsibilities

GBEA R Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest

GBEBB O Employee – Student Relations

GBEBC O Employee Gifts and Solicitations (Also KH)

GBEC R Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free Schools (Also ADB, ADC, & JICH)

GBED P Tobacco Products Ban (Also ADC, & JICG )

GBG R Staff Welfare/Protection

GBGA R Staff Health


GBGBA R Defibrillator(s) Policy (Also IHAMC & JLCCA )

GBGD R Workers’ Compensation Temporary Alternative Work Program

GBGD-R Temporary Alternative Duty Program- Acknowledgement Form

GBI O Staff Participation in Political Activities

GBJ R Personnel Records

GBJ-R Personnel Records

GBJA R Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

GCAA R Highly Qualified Teachers

GCCAD O Military Leave

GCCBC R Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

GCF R Professional Staff Hiring

GCO P Teacher Performance and Evaluations

GCO-P Teacher Performance and Evaluations Procedures

GCQ O Personnel Exit Interview

GCQ-R Personnel Exit Interview Form

GCR R Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Members

GDS O Recognition of Bargaining Units


Section H contains policies, on the process of negotiating with Bargaining units recognized by the School Board and authorized under state law.


Section I contains policies on the instructional program: basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.

Code Category Title

IB O Academic Freedom

IC R School Year

ICA R School Calendar

IF P Instructional Approaches

IFA P Instructional Needs of Each Individual Student

IGA R Curriculum Development

IGE Parental Objections to Specific Course Material

IHAE O Physical Education

IHAK P Character and Citizenship Education

IHAL O Exemptions from Required Instruction

IHAM Health Education and Exemption from Instruction

IHAM-R Health and Sex Education Exemption: Opt Out Form

IHAMA R Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco


IHBA R Programs for Pupils with Disabilities (Also JICD)

IHBA-R Procedural Safeguards for Children With Disabilities

IHBBA P Limited English Proficiency Instruction

IHBBA-R Limited English Proficient Programs Parent Notification Form

IHBCA R Programs for Pregnant/Parenting Students (Also JIE)

IHBG R Home Education Instruction

IHBH Extended Learning Opportunities

IHBH-R Extended Learning Opportunity - Application

IHCA P Summer Activities

IIB R Class Size

IJ P Instructional Materials

IJ-R Instructional Materials

IJA Selection of Films and Instructional Materials

IJK R Supplemental Materials

IJO P School, Community, and Home Relations

IJOA R Field Trips

IJOA-R1 Request for Educational Field Trips

IJOC P Volunteers

IKA R Grading/Assessment Systems

IKB P Homework Guidelines

IKE P Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students

IL P Evaluation of Instructional Programs (Also ILBA)

ILBA P Assessment of Educational Programs (Also IL)

ILD O Educational Questionnaires, Surveys and Research

ILD-R Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment - Supporting Forms

ILDA P Non-Educational Questionnaires, Surveys, and Research

IMAH P Daily Physical Activity

IMBA R Distance Education

IMBC P Alternative Credit Option

IMBD P High School Credit for 7th/ 8th Grade Coursework

IMC R Controversial Speakers/Programs

IMDA O Patriotic Exercises

IMG O Animals in the Classroom

IMGA Service Animals


Section J contains policies on students -- admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.

Code Category Title

JBAA P Sexual Harassment and Violence - Students (Also GBAA)

JBAA-R Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Violence Report

JCA R Change of School or Assignment (Also JEC & JFAB)

JEB R Age of Entrance

JEB-R Age of Entrance Protocol

JEC P Manifest Educational Hardship

JFA R Residency

JFAA P Admission of Resident Students

JFAB P Admission of Tuition and Non-Resident Students

JFABB R Foreign Exchange Students

JFABB-R Admission of Foreign Exchange Students

JFABD P Admission of Homeless Students

JFABE R Education of Children in Foster Care

JG P Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels

JH P Student Attendance Policy Requirements

JHB-R Truancy

JHC R Student Release Time Precautions

JI R Students Rights & Responsibilities

JIA R Student Due Process Rights

JIC R Student Conduct

JICA R Student Dress Code

JICC R Student Conduct on School Buses

JICD P Student Conduct, Discipline, and Due Process – Safe School Zone (Also IHBA)

JICDD R Student Discipline Out-Of-School Actions

JICE R Student Publications

JICF R Secret Societies/Gang Activity

JICFA R Hazing

JICG P Tobacco Use by Students (Also ADC, GBED)

JICH R Drug and Alcohol Use by Students (Also ABD, GBEC, GBED)

JICI R Weapons on School Property

JICJ R Unauthorized Communication Devices

JICK P Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention – Bullying

JICKA-R1 Cyberbullying

JICKA-R2 Cyberbullying

JICL School District Internet Access For Students

JICM O Bring Your Own Device/ Technology

JIE R Pregnant Students (Also IHBCA)

JIH R Student Interrogations, Searches, and Arrests

JIJ O Student Protests, Demonstrations and Strikes

JJA O Student Clubs and Organizations

JJE Student Fund-Raising Activities

JJF R Student Activities Funds

JJG O Non-Schooled Sponsored Contests for Students

JJIC O Athletic Eligibility

JJIC-R Athletics Procedures and Guidelines

JJJ R Access to Public School Programs by Nonpublic, Charter School and Home-Educated Pupils

JKA R Corporal Punishment

JKA-R Use of Physical Restraints - Procedures

JKAA Use of Restraints and Seclusion

JKB R Detention of Students

JLC R School Health Services

JLCA R Physical Examinations of Students

JLCAA-R1 Concussion Signs and Symptoms

JLCAA-R2 Concussion/ Head Injury Return to Physical Activity Form

JLCB R Immunization of Students

JLCC R Communicable Diseases

JLCCA R Students with HIV/AIDS (Also GBGAA & IHAMA)

JLCD P Administering Medication to Students

JLCD-R Administering Medication to Students

JLCE P First Aid and Emergency Medical Care

JLCEA R Use of Automated External Defibrillators

JLCF P Wellness

JLCFA Feminine Hygiene Products

JLCG R Exclusion of Students from School for Illness

JLCH O Do Not Resuscitate Orders

JLCJ Concussions and Head Injuries

JLCK P Special Physical Health Needs of Students

JLD R School Guidance and Counseling Program

JLDBA P Behavior Management and Intervention

JLDBB Suicide Prevention and Response

JLF R Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

JLI Joint Loss Management

JLIA Supervision of Students

JLIF Receipt And Use Of Sex Offender Registry Information

JQ Student Fee, Fines and Charges

JRA R Student Records and Access

JRA-R Student Records and Access

JRB Confidential Student Information


Section L contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on the school District's relationship with other education agencies -- including other school systems, regional or service Districts, private schools, colleges and universities, education research organizations, and state and national education agencies.